More billion dollar disasters happening as climate heats up

Climate change isn't cheap. While many still scoff at the effects being way off in the future, that's wholly inaccurate. In just the past three years, the United States has seen more than a dozen billion-dollar disasters. That number is expected to increase, due to human-induced climate change.

When it comes to climate hazards in the Quad Cities, warming, drought, and water deficit are the biggest hazards in the future. Because we live in a highly agricultural area, drought is the biggest hazard when it comes to climate change. But according to new research, warming temperatures (changing growing patterns), water deficit (drought), and higher precipitation (flash flooding) are all expected to become more widespread by 2050.

In the United States, there are different climate hazards based on geography, land use, and population. For most of the nation's "Bread Basket," warming and water deficits are front and center. But where the majority of Americans live (near the coast), more storms and sea-level rise are the biggest climate hazards for the next generation.

-Meteorologist Eric Sorensen

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