8 Weeks of Winter Fun: Hitting winter goals with a bulls-eye

Winter can be a tough time to stay active in the Midwest.  That's why WQAD News 8 is partnering with ORA Orthopedics to help people find ways to get out and move with "8 Weeks of Winter Fun."

News 8's Kory Kuffler is showing us how the winter is a great time to hit your fitness goals with a bulls-eye, through archery.

The Quad City Archery Club in Bettendorf, Iowa is hopping on the weekends.

Archer Chase Bromwell said the club is a place where people can get out in the darkest days of winter, and enjoy the hobby with others.

Dr. Waqas Hussain with ORA Orthopedics said said people may not think archery is physical, but it really demands a lot from the body.

The sport may not seem terribly taxing, but like any other activity, there's a risk of injury.  Those can include shoulder injuries, overuse injuries, rotator cuff issues or inflammation.

Dr. Hussain says the best way to avoid injury is simply to prepare.  Warming up, stretching and focusing on light-weight exercises can help archers stay healthy.

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