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No rest for the weary! Weather pattern remains active through March 4

The question we're tackling this morning isn't "When is it going to snow again?" it's "When is it going to stop snowing?"

Typically, as we head into March, snow takes the backseat to more rainy systems. Meteorologist Tom Skilling reports that Chicago typically gets two days of thunderstorm activity with April getting four.

Now that we're a little over a week from the beginning of March, we can see what's upstream for us. The jet stream pattern gives us good clues as to what we should expect. We can see the dip in the jet stream over the Pacific Northwest that will arrive here this weekend. Upstream of that, next Tuesday's system resides over the Alleutian island chain of Alaska. The third and fourth systems are over Russia, headed east.

Timing is the thing we know the most about. We know little/nothing about the type of precipitation we'll get. However, below-normal temperatures are expected through early March which means we have a higher-than-normal chance of seeing more snow.

Keep in mind, the days are getting longer and longer and that means the cold air will eventually lose the battle. But it also means we need to pay close attention because an active pattern going into March and April would mean an earlier start and a more active severe storm season.

-Meteorologist Eric Sorensen

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