Many Quad Cities restaurants suffering from the winter blues

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DAVENPORT, Iowa  --  Mother nature has not been kind to a lot of Quad Cities businesses, especially restaurants.

Cinnamon N Sage in Davenport says business has been slow this winter and they may even have to close their doors.

"With the weather this year, there's been days in particular where we've had to close down," Cinnamon N Sage chef Tracey Mcginn. "Nobody is coming down here, the roads are too bad."

Cinnamon N Sage blames mother nature, saying when it snow, business is significantly slower than good weather days. The one year old health foods restaurant planned for a slow January and February, but didn't expect so many empty seats.

"There's days where at lunchtime where we've seen 5 customers, Mcginn said. "Then by two o' clock, it's completely dead and we wont see people for the rest of the night because of weather."

They say if business doesn't get better when the weather improves, they'll have to close.

"We cant justify the electricity, the staff, and those sorts of things," Mcginn said.

But it's not just new restaurants struggling when the snow falls. After 11 winters in the Quad Cities, Sippi's in Davenport says nothing compares to this winter.

"This year has been particularly hard," owner Frank Berner said. "We're probably down 20%."

Sippi's is popular at lunch, but when conditions are bad out, they lose foot traffic.

"When they close downtown businesses, we lose our businesses too because probably 75% of our business comes from walking distance from us," Berner said.

Restaurants with delivery services are also seeing the effects of the harsh weather.

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"We do a lot of delivery," Pizza and Subs manager Lisa Hoskins said. "We don't send our drivers out when the roads are bad."

After 33 years, Pizza and Subs says this winter is the worst they can remember.

"It's been a little difficult, we've closed more days this year then we've ever had to close before," Hoskins said.

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