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Leak in vacant home goes un-repaired for weeks, creates mess for neighbors

ROCK ISLAND, Illinois -- Neighbors in Rock Island say what started as leak under a garage has turned their entire alley into a slippery slope.

For people living off the alley between 31st Street and 32nd Street in Rock Island, the walk home can be kind of hazardous.

A small crack in the foundation of a vacant home on the corner of 7th Avenue and 32nd Street has water pouring through it. Neighbor, Jacque Allison, said it has been non-stop for nearly two weeks. Now, all the water has turned into inches of ice.

"This is a hazard for the people that live next door -- they're elderly," Jacque said. "And again we just have to address this and get this taken care of."

Jacque said she has been calling Rock Island Public Works for weeks since she first noticed the leak. Still, Public Works said it was not brought to their attention until Monday. But for Jacque, today was the last straw.

"Today I was taking my grandchildren to school and as I was coming up the driveway," Jacque said. "Someone was trying to come down, so I had to stop, thus it caused me to slide into the rocks and I tore the whole bottom of my car off."

It is a slippery slope Jacque said she should not have to deal with every day. Now, her and other neighbors are wondering who to go to for help.

"With this house being abandoned, is this an issue for the city? Is this an issue for the homeowner?" Jacque asked.

Rock Island Public Works tells News 8 that since the leak is on Private Property, it is the homeowner's responsibility to hire crews to shut off the water.

"Somewhere we have to meet in the middle and try to get this rectified," Jacque said.

When Jacque called Public Works this morning after her car accident, she told the city she was contacting News 8. Since then, several crews were sent to the site to assess the leak. This evening, excavators were on the scene to clear the inches worth of ice.

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