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“You patch one and two pop up”: Temperatures are finally warming up, but pothole work is far from over

EAST MOLINE, Illinois -- Thursday's warmer temperatures gave public works crews a break from plowing and salting the roads... to repair potholes. Unfortunately, they say the repairs made today are just temporary.

The brutal winter has taken a toll on the roads bringing potholes to streets across the area. But with fluctuating temperatures, East Moline Public Works cannot catch a break.

Marcelo Hernandez, a crew member for East Moline Public Works, spent the day working on 5th Avenue -- a stretch of road riddled with potholes. Crews use asphalt to temporarily fill potholes during the colder months. Still, he said the slushy mess on the roads does not allow for the asphalt to stick.

"This is like the fourth time we've been here this winter already," Hernandez said. "Just over and over and over until it dries up and then our blacktop will stick."

Dave Lambrecht, Director of Maintenance Services for East Moline, said every effort they make to repair the potholes just needs to be re-done.

"It's a never-ending job," Lambrecht said. "You know you patch one and two pop up."

The weather is not only creating more potholes, but it also prevents crews from doing something about it.

"I mean we're well behind the schedule of where I would like to be as far as being out there and that's just because of the weather," Lambrecht said.

Unfortunately for them, mother nature is not giving crews a break anytime soon.

"It's supposed to get more snow on Sunday so really it's just a little band-aid," Hernandez said.

Brian Stumphy lives right across the street from a stretch of potholes. He said he has seen more potholes this year than in the last decade.

"They can't keep up with them all," Stumphy said. "I mean they're plowing and that's just digging up the holes that they've already filled... it ain't their fault, it's the weather."

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