This snow forecast is making the rounds. Read this before you share it.

We have received several questions concerning this Facebook post that shows nearly three feet of snow falling in Eastern Iowa next week.

Some of you have asked, "Is this for real?"

The short answer is "No." Even though this forecast was put on a page that is titled "Meteorologists," it is not from a reliable source. Yet people believe it to be accurate enough to share it with family and friends since this one post has been shared more than 6,000 times on Facebook.

Before we go into the forecast specifics, it's important to look for one thing before you hit the "Share" button. That's the little check mark on the Facebook page. Whether it's The Weather Channel, AccuWeather, The National Weather Service, or our team of Meteorologists, you'll always see that checked-certification on real, dependable weather information.

The same goes for news as well. Looking for the check mark will ensure you're not sharing fake news.

We will get snow Sunday and there's a decent possibility on Tuesday. Our team will be forecasting this mornings and nights through the weekend. Click here for our forecast page and be sure to follow our pages for accurate, reliable information.

Chief Meteorologist James Zahara
Meteorologist Eric Sorensen
Meteorologist Andrew Stutzke


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