Woman wins discrimination lawsuit filed against Galesburg’s former HR worker

GALESBURG, Illinois — An employee with the City of Galesburg was awarded $100,000 in a discrimination lawsuit.

Lisa R. Wilson, who has worked with the city since March of 1996 filed a lawsuit in February of 2016.  The lawsuit was initially filed against the City of Galesburg and a human resources employee, David W. Jones for discrimination based on race.  Court documents show that the suit was later amended to only include Jones.

Court documents show that in February or March of 2014, Wilson’s employer forced her to take a drug test.  The complaint showed that she was not required by policy to take a drug test and argued that it was implemented solely on her because of her race.

In April of 2017, Jones resigned based on the request of the City of Galesburg, court documents show.

A verdict that was rendered on Friday, February 1 showed that a jury ruled in favor of Wilson, deciding she should get $100,000 in compensatory damages.

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