On National Missing Persons Day the Moline PD remind us of active investigations

MOLINE, Illinois- The Moline Police Department is relentlessly pursuing justice for three unsolved missing persons cases. Each case is over 20 years old, but the police are still looking for answers in the mysterious disappearances. Groups like the Moline Police Department and the Quad Cities Missing Persons Network work diligently to find missing people. Below are some of the oldest cases in the Quad Cities area.

Trudy Appleby

11 year-old Trudy Appleby went missing from her home in Moline on August 21, 1996. She hasn't been seen since.

Police have identified the now-deceased William "Ed" Smith of Colona as their prime suspect. Smith's son-in-law and neighbor said he saw a girl in the passenger seat of Smith's car the day Trudy went missing. He said Smith grabbed two life vests and took off in the car. Smith is suspected to have then taken Appleby to Campbell's Island.

Police did not find evidence of human remains when they searched Campbell's Island.

Since the main suspect in the case is dead, police are now more concerned with the cover up.  Appleby's father and the police feel close to solving the case. Recently the boat which may have been used to transport Appleby to the island was seized. The FBI Evidence Response Team in Springfield is inspecting the evidence.

Steve Asplund 

Steve Asplund of Moline disappeared without a trace on January 9, 1994. The Moline Police Department said in a Facebook post his car was later found in Bettendorf. It was unoccupied with no trace of Steve or sign of where he went.

Police have identified a "person of interest" in the mysterious case.  A witness came forward after Asplund's went missing and identified a man with a beard and an "HR" tattoo on the back of his left hand. Police believe multiple people were involved with Asplund's disappearance.

Jerry Wolking

52 year-old disappeared in October of 1990. According to a Facebook post by the Moline police he was last seen leaving the home of a female acquaintance. His mud-caked-car was later found in the parking lot of the Quad Cities International Airport with blood on the inside.

In the search for Wolking police have dug up areas in rural Milan and Moline searching for a body. Forensic evidence and social media has led to breakthroughs in the investigation. Currently police believe Wolking was murdered by his girlfriend's estranged husband. The husband has since passed away, but police don't think he acted alone.

In all of these cases, multiple people likely were involved in the cover up. Police are just waiting for the right tip to bring these cases to a close. If you have any information on these crimes or know anyone who may be related, police urge you call Crime Stoppers at 309-762-9500 or the Moline Police Department Criminal Investigations Division at 309-524-2140.

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