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Bettendorf neighborhood frozen in after water main break

BETTENDORF, Iowa- A water main break and the freezing cold left a whole Bettendorf cul de sac frozen into their homes.

According to neighborhood residents, a water main break on Somerset Drive left a foot of standing water in the street. The cold snap on January 30 froze the water, leaving a sheet of thick ice on the street.

"The only way the kids at the end of the cul de sac can get to school is by walking on the street," resident Kelly Warhurst said. " They can't walk on the street when there is an ice buildup like this, because it's a safety hazard and somebody can fall and get hurt.”

City workers were not able to get rid of the ice.

"They did come salt and scrap once," Warhurst said. "Once is not going to be enough when its a foot thick.”

“We’ve all called," resident Ryan Heydeman said. "We’ve all made it an issue and made it known. We are out here breaking our backs, working for hours on something we shouldn't have to do."

On February 2nd and 3rd, dozens of Somerset Drive residents came together to chip their way out of their street.

"One of our neighbors had the water going in to his driveway, which can go into his basement," Warhurst said. "So, as a neighborhood, we all came out and built trenches.”

The trenches the neighbors built will help the melting ice flow passed the ice buildup, into the storm drains at the end of the cul de sac.

The neighbors worked to clear the ice and make travel safe for the ten impacted houses.

"It’s just making the channels, so the water runs away from my house," Heydeman said.

The Bettendorf Public Works department said they had a crew out there on Monday, February 4.  Several workers accompanied a salt truck to help clear the ice.

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