Extreme Cold: How To Keep Your Pets Safe

You asked. We answered.

We received a LOT of emails from News 8 Viewers about how to protect our pets from this extreme cold. So, we talked to an expert - Dr. Beth Narske from the Rock Island Animal Hospital.

During Good Morning Quad Cities on Wednesday, January 30th, she gave us some advice on what to do the moment your four-legged friend steps outside and what to look out for when they come back inside.

Dr. Narske said three minutes in this kind of weather is probably the average dog's limit.  She advised pet owners bundle themselves up and go outside with their animals.

"Watch for signs that they're uncomfortable and shivering and bring them back in," she said.

Once they're back inside, she said it's best to check their paws and underbellies and wipe them dry.   Make sure your pet is dry before bundling him or her up in a blanket or sweater.

As far as sidewalk salt goes, there are pet-safe versions, but if that's not what's been used at your home, Dr. Narske said pet owners should keep a rag by the door and wipe off their pets' paws to prevent them from licking the salt away.

Dr. Narske also said that despite dogs having a coat of fur, they're still just as susceptible to cold, though their coat may provide a little extra resistance to the cold.

"Be cautious and be aware of what's going on," she said. "If you don't like to be out and you're shivering, your pet is probably cold too."

If you have concerns about other pets in your neighborhood, contact animal control.

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