Too cold for ice cream: Whitey’s Ice Cream closes due to weather

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MOLINE, Illinois -- Brutal temperatures projected for Wednesday are too much even for ice cream makers. Whitey's Ice Cream says it will close its' doors Wednesday.

"It's very rare that we close entirely," says Annika Tunberg, Whitey's director of marketing.

In fact, Tunberg couldn't remember the last time Whitey's closed it's stores for an entire day due to weather.

The company will shut it's factory in Moline and eight locations in the Quad Cities. Only the shop inside the NorthPark Mall in Davenport will be operational Wednesday, as long as the mall stays open.

"We're pretty used to the cold, that's true," she says. "It's more so that we like to ensure our employees are safe."

Freezers at Whitey's stores are about 11 degrees, Tunberg says.

"It's probably colder outside without the windchill tomorrow than in our freezer," she noted.

At the Moline store, business was brisk on Tuesday.

Cathy Thomas and her granddaughter Eliza say they usually make Wednesdays ice cream day.

"Since we’re off school tomorrow, we decided today is Wednesday  for us," Thomas said.

Eliza chose a scoop of Smurf on a waffle cone. It's never too cold for ice cream, she says.

Tunberg says a lot of customers have scooping up 1.75 quart tubs.

"People are stocking up for ice cream, in case they have the urge tomorrow, they can have it," she says, adding that Whitey's products are also available at grocery stores.

Whitey's will reopen at noon on Thursday.

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