Check the radar to see how long showers will last in the area

Stranded in your car? Illinois Police say here’s how to survive

The Illinois State Police have a few tips for how to survive if your car becomes stranded out in these frigid temperatures.

  1. Before you even get into your car everyone in the vehicle should have warm coats ON with hats, gloves, scarves and blankets within arms reach. (If the heat stops at -20/-30 degrees, time is already against you)
  2.  Being stranded is an absolute emergency, call 911. Give your location ( if you know it), vehicle description, number of people in the car and any other special needs so resources can be dispatched in a timely manner.
  3. If your car is running check to make sure your exhaust is clear of snow, otherwise this could cause carbon monoxide build up in your car.
  4.  Spread your emergency blanket on the seat, sit on it then wrap it around you including around your head like a hood. (the space/emergency blanket costs 1-2 dollars, but can retain a large amount of body heat and take up little room in your car) If you have a second blanket, put it over top of you.

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DO NOT LEAVE YOUR CAR! This cold is predicted to cause serious injury with just 5 minutes of exposure.

“Your car is a very good emergency shelter and is the easiest thing for emergency personnel to find. Too many times motorists have walked away from their car, crews find the vehicle within a matter of hours, but find the driver a few days or weeks later.”

“One other thing, if you have ‘send help’ or ‘send police’ signs, place them inside the window closest to traffic. It helps when other motorists are calling, many of which are local, familiar to the area and can give a more accurate location.”

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