Excessive heat warning issued for part of the viewing area

What livestock farmers have to do to prepare animals for extreme cold

GENESEO, Illinois  --  With the bitter cold temperatures coming, farmers with livestock will have no choice but to brave the cold.

Weber Beef in Geneseo, Illinois says their main concern in these conditions is drinking water for the cattle.

"We will be taking extra precautions by going around several times during the day," cattle farmer BJ Weber said. "We will be knocking ice out and making sure all the cattle have water."

Cows are able to keep themselves warm, but they still need protection in frigid temperatures.

"Cattle are really remarkable animals." Weber said. "They can heat up their own body, so during this time they will stay warm. But, they will use a lot more of the energy from the feed to make their body just maintain the heat."

Farmers are bringing in extra hay and straw for insulation and protecting the cows from the wind.

"They will probably all be very healthy and content tomorrow," Weber said. "We will be making sure they have water and feed."

The workers will also be taking extra breaks and wearing layers.

Area farmers will also be taking precautionary steps with smaller animals like hogs and poultry.

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