How to prepare if you have to be in the car during the extreme cold

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MOLINE, Illinois - The cold weather impacting the area on January 30 could be potentially deadly.

Meteorologists at the National Weather Service (NWS) are recommending that people stay indoors and are advising against travel.

WQAD Storm Track 8 Meteorologists are tracking some of the coldest wind chills in Quad City history.

Still though, some travelers will need to get behind the wheel.

WQAD News 8 asked a local expert about the importance of preventative vehicle maintenance ahead of these cold days. Here are some tips that could potentially save your life.

First, lets start with the preventative maintenance.

Drivers should pay attention to their car, says Tom Pospisil, Owner of Eriksen Chevrolet.

He recommends drivers pop the hood of their cars and check the fluids, check air pressure in their tires,  and check on old and weak batteries.

"If you have had some little problem with your vehicle, especially if you go to start it and it is a slow start, that is usually a sign that your battery is getting tired. the time to change that is now before we get into that really bad cold," said Pospisil.

Pospisil also recommends having a survival kit in your vehicle.

Having snacks, water and blankets could help protect your against elements if you get stuck, or if your car breaks down.

On Wednesday, a person with exposed skin outside could suffer frostbite in less than five minutes.

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