Port Byron resident stumps ABC’s Kelly & Ryan, wins big prize

A woman from Port Byron, Illinois was on "Live with Kelly and Ryan" on Monday, January 28.

Christina Flesch was on the show via phone call, and was introduced on a segment called "Ice to meet you."  The crew played a game where Christina offered two facts about herself; one was true and the other was a lie.  Kelly and Ryan were tasked with figuring out which was real and which was fake.

Between the two options, Kelly and Ryan chose a tale where Christina's dog ran away from home and came back in the form of a Christmas miracle on December 25.  They were duped.  The real fact about Christina was a story about an unfortunate fall on New Year's Day leaving her with a broken ankle.

To Christina's benefit, the game was a gateway for her to win a mug and a week-long vacation.

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