Quad City man donates groceries to TSA agents

MOLINE, Illinois-- A Davenport man delivered a load of groceries to the Quad City International Airport.

Eric Schwab is hoping to make life a little easier for TSA agents during the government shutdown.

"I get emotional when I think about doing it and the people who have contacted me of our agents of our federal agents who are literally working without a check those messages and the conversations are all very emotional for me," said Schwab.

Eric was homeless for nearly a decade. Now that he's in a better place, he knew he had to give back.

Schwab unloaded nearly 600 dollars worth of groceries from his jeep for TSA agents to either keep at work or take home to their families.

Eric didn't raise the money on his own. He started a Facebook page to collect donations.

"It started out as a $200 goal and it just kept growing," said Schwab.

Eric has now made that goal to $5,000.

"It`s just so heartwarming that people would give me a donation that don`t even know me," said Schwab.

Once everything made it inside, Eric was able to see first hand his work was appreciated. With plenty of hugs and handshakes, showing everyone it is easy to lend a hand.

Eric will continue to collect donations and drop off groceries while the shutdown continues.

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