Moline’s new wing plows take the streets

MOLINE, Illinois -- The City of Moline has just introduced trucks attached with dual plows that can move more snow off the streets in fewer passes.

Public works drivers say the new "wing plows" help them clear a wider path with two trucks. On some major roads, it was not uncommon for as many as three trucks to drive side by side... by side.

"These really help, a lot," said Arnie McCollom, a Moline public works truck driver. "Even on a road like this, it could have taken three of us. Now it'll only take two of us, so that allows other areas of the city to get cleaned quicker."

The Municipal Services General Manager of Moline, Rodd Schick, said other surrounding communities and state road crews have used wing plows for some time. The city acquired four of them just before this week's major snow event.

Some motorists were frustrated by the heavy snow.

"Not good at all. I got stuck," said Jake Pittington, of Moline. "It's heavy snow so it's not easy to maneuver in."

But with the new plows, drivers say that trucks will be able to clear major roads more quickly and move on to more residential roads. McCollom says even the city's big heavy trucks get stuck in the snow sometimes, but that just comes with the territory.

"We live in the Midwest, so this stuff happens," he said.


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