Davenport neighbors plow through their savings to shovel their street

DAVENPORT, Iowa – The plows have been hard at work on the snow routes, but for residents who live on residential streets it may be a sometime before they see a plow come by.

It’s a gamble you never want to take.

“I’m telling you there are $80,000 Tahoe’s that can hardly make it up this hill,” say Davenport Resident, Jeremy Yenor.

Yenor has lived on the Washington Street hill, near Eighth Street, for the past three year and since then he claims he hasn’t seen more than two plows.

“Every side road when it snows is left for four to five days,” Yoner explains.

With no plow in sight, Yoner has even called Davenport Public Works himself – five times this week alone.

“It’s always goes back to we aren’t on the salting route and we aren’t on the snow route,” clarifies Yoner.

“some of the reasons a plow may not come even with a request is if you live on a narrow street and cars are parked on both sides,” says Nicole Gleason, Davenport Public Works Director. “We don’t have any truck that can go down in those cases.”

For resident Dani Defauw that answer doesn’t settle well.

“We’ll move our car, so they can try and get to a safe spot for ourselves, but it’s heart wrecking and sad that we have to come out here and do this ourselves,” Defauw says.

And that takes time and money.  This time the job took at least three hours and $30 worth of salt.  For the neighbors, that adds up to over $500 every snowy winter.

“As many times as I’ve called them I’m just going to do it myself,” Yoner exclaims.

Plowing through their savings and time.

Public works says if you live on a residential street you should see a plow come by tomorrow night.  If you haven’t, they suggest you call or submit an online request to their website.

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