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Bitter cold weather brings perfect temperatures for the 7th annual Icestravaganza

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DAVENPORT, Iowa – Icestravaganza celebrated it’s seventh year of ice sculptures and winter fun in Davenport on Saturday.  This year’s theme is the Great American Road-Trip.

“This is perfect,” says Matthew Meadows, a local ice sculptor for the event. “Sunshine and 15-degree weather is perfect.”

Pure joy is exactly what Meadows is feeling as he puts the final touches on his masterpiece – a surfing dog representing California.

Bringing that California vibe to the Midwest weather for his sixth Icestravaganza.

“If it was sunshine and 30-degree weather these would actually crack,” Meadows says.

“Past couple years has been a challenge because of the weather trying to coordinate the right days and everything, so yeah it’s an adventure for us,” Meadows explains.

But getting the chance to inspect these pieces of art up close is enough to get art admirers to brave the temperatures.

“Especially kids they aren’t that scared of cold weather, so they’ll drag their parents,” Meadows comments.

Kids like Caroline Corcoran, who’s double guessing her ice inspecting outfit.

“I tried to dress kind of warm, but it’s kind of chilly outside still,” Corcoran says. “Probably shouldn’t have work Crocs.”

But it’s that cold weather and people like Meadows with a passion for art that keeps this event growing.

“We started out with six blocks of ice the first year and now it’s 80 blocks of ice, so now we are actually carving 24,000 pound of ice in three days,” Meadows says.

Bitter cold and ice art – the perfect combination for pure joy.

The Icestravaganza After-Party will be right outside the Freight House Farmers Market until 8PM tonight.  It costs $15 to get in on the festivities.

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