Patience pays off for PV’s Beinborn

Pleasant Valley's Macy Beinbirn is a basketball junkie.

"She can watch basketball for hours at a time," explains teammate Carli Spelhaug,
"When you get a kid like that as a coach you are like YES!" laughed head coach Jennifer Goetz.  "We like kids like that that just live and breathe the gym."

Basketball has always been in Macy's blood.  Her Dad, Mark, is the head women's coach at Augustana College.  He also has spent several summers coaching Macy.

"Our house is a basketball house. My wife probaby watches more basketball on TV than I do," admits Beinborn.
"My Dad's always been a basketball coach so I grew up going to his game's," adds Macy.  "We never had a babysitter so I'd be at his practices"

Basketball is a game that's taught Macy a lot, but her biggest lesson came last season- off the court.

"I'm sure it was hard at times," explains Goetz.  "I'm sure it was really hard at times."

With the Lady Spartans enjoying one of their best seasons in school history, Beinborn saw herself sittin behind a very talented senior class.

"It wasn't easy but that's life," explained Mark Beinborn.  "The hard part was knowing what to do as Dad."
"At some points it was frustrating because I wanted to be in," admitted Macy.  "I wanted to play but I also understood I need to do was cheer on my team."

"That's where I honestly did make her cry," said Mark.  "It's here's your situation, do more, deal with it. Ultimately when we are not babied in life and were not just handed things we learn to work for things."

And that's exactly what Macy did.

"A part of sitting last year really just drove me to work harder," explains Macy.  "The day after the Regional final I was in the gym."

The hardwork and patince is now paying off for Macy and the entire Spartan senior class.

"These young ladies-- Macy included-  are walking examples of when you trust the process and continue to do what you are supposed to do good things are gonna happen," explains Goetz.

Beinborn has emerged as one of the best shooters in the MAC this season.  Meanwhile Coach Beinborn remains in his biggest role as Dad.

"I don't even yell at the games. I'm not in the car afterwards talking about what they did well," admits Mark Beinborn. "If I do I'll ask do you want dad or coach right now. If she says dad I say nothing about it-- if she says coach then I make her cry."



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