Abandoned dogs now recovering at Furry Friends Refuge

WEST DES MOINES, Iowa- Nine dogs abandoned outside an animal shelter are on their way to recovery.

The dogs were left anonymously outside the shelter. (Photo from Furry Friends Refuge Facebook page)

On January 7 the Bichon Shih Tzu mixes were left in front of Furry Friends Refuge in poor condition, according to a post from the shelter’s Facebook page. Their fur was heavily matted, covered in feces, and flea ridden. The dogs’ ages range from about five-months old to five-years-old. Some of the dogs need treatment for ear infections and dental issues.

The dogs were extremely dirty upon arrival. (Photo from Furry Friends Refuge Facebook page)

Furry Friends has already started working to help the dogs. They have been groomed and vaccinated. Several dogs have found foster homes but still need plenty of socialization and time to recover before they are up for adoption.

All cleaned up! A volunteer groomer came in to remove matted fur. (Photo from Furry Friends Refuge Page)

Soon some dogs will be ready for adoption. For now Furry Friends Refuge is looking for foster homes and donations to help the dogs get better.

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