Fire Departments around Iowa lend a hand to the Clinton Fire Department

CLINTON, Iowa-- When tragedy hits from within, someone still needs to stand watch and keep the community safe.  First responders from around Iowa have stepped up to fill in for at Clinton Fire Department as they honored the life of Lt. Eric Hosette, who died in the line of duty on Saturday, January 5.

“It's what we do as firefighters from coast to coast the fire service is a family,” said Jonathan Wieland.

“Not everyone would be able to get off and still have fire coverage for the city we felt it was an opportunity for us to help,” said Darrell Janssen.

Muscatine, Cedar Rapids, and Dubuque Fire Departments all sent volunteers to give Clinton firefighters time off duty to remember their comrade.

It takes about a dozen firefighters to cover each shift here at Clinton's Central Station. Two shifts, twelve hours each.

“We had a list to choose from,” said Janssen.  "Guys were more than willing to help out."

“I'm here just doing what family would do for each other. We're here to support our brothers and sisters from the Clinton Fire Department,” said Wieland.

Making time to watch their brother, as he makes his final stop in front of Central Station.

“It really just shows how big of a family we are throughout the United States as the fire family is unexplainable,” said Janssen.

Prepared to make the Clinton Fire Department their home for as long as they're needed.

“This will go past today and past tomorrow when all the memorial services and things like that are done there is a healing process that will take place and this is just the start of it,” said Janssen. A family helping each other in a time of need.

Muscatine, Cedar Rapids and Dubuque crews end their shift at seven Saturday night.

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