NAILED IT OR FAILED IT: 3 Ways to Celebrate National Milk Day

Milk does a body good, but it can also be fun thing to play with!

On Friday, January 11th during our Nailed It Or Failed It segment on Good Morning Quad Cities and News 8 at 11am, we showed you three things you can make out of milk. The first (see video above) is milk art. All you need for this is milk (the more fat, the better), food colors, and dish soap.

The second (see video below) is making a piggy bank out of an empty milk carton. See the video below to see how we created this cute craft out of just five items!

Finally, for our Cocktail of the Week, we made Hot Toddies with milk - called South African Hot Toddies. This will hopefully help with all those colds and viruses going around this time of year:

Have a great weekend!

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