Director of Davenport’s Civil Rights Commission files dispute against city regarding overgrown lawn

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DAVENPORT, Iowa -- The director of Davenport's Civil Rights Commission filed a review petition against the city for a dispute over her lawn.

In August of 2018 a complaint was called into the city about an overgrown yard on Hillcrest Avenue, according to a document from the Polk County Clerk of District Court.  At the property, owned by Davenport's Civil Rights Commissioner Latrice Lacey, a public works employee found grass and weeds that had grown more than nine-inches tall.  A work order was entered to have the lawn trimmed.

A required notice was given to Lacey regarding the city code that says owners must maintain their property.   In the petition Lacey claimed she did not get a notice, but still mowed her lawn.

Lacey submitted videos that suggested that a contractor that visited her home opened a gate and that her dog walked out of that gate.  The petition said that the videos submitted did not have date or time stamps.

In the document, filed January 4, the court determined that the City of Davenport's "actions are upheld as appropriate as they relate to the violations of Davenport City Ordinance."

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