Clinton glows red in support of fallen firefighter

CLINTON, Iowa -- Red porch lights are lighting up Clinton, Iowa, in memory of a firefighter who was killed in the line of duty.

Community members are rising to a challenge, set out by a group of advocates for first responders - Eastern Iowa Fireground - asking people to shine a red light to honor 33-year-old Eric Hosette, who passed away and 23-year-old Adam Cain who was injured.  The two were working with a crew trying to put out a fire at ADM on Saturday, January 5.

*Share your red light photos below

Eastern Iowa Fireground took to Facebook to ask a people to join in.

"Whether it be your porch light, or a light in your front window, once you have done this, snap a photo and comment below with the hashtag #clintonheroes. Help us spread the word about this challenge by also sharing this post. Thank you."

Many people were sharing their support on social media using the hashtag "#ClintonHeroes"