This Iowa company says they’re curing hangovers with IVs

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DES MOINES, Iowa -- Everyone has their preferred hangover cure; whether it be Gatorade followed by coffee, or the greasiest food they can get their hands on. However, one local business is taking a more medical approach.

Kari Newman, the owner of Iowa IV, told WHO-TV they have been busy helping clients getting back on their feet after New Year’s Eve.

“We've been crazy busy today. We offer concierge, so we'll go to people's homes as well. We've also been busy in the office. I will say, hangovers are usually about 15 percent of our business. We see them on big holidays and on weekends, but typically we see folks for illness, and migraine, and athletes, and just plain old hydration,” said Newman.

Iowa IV is a Des Moines company offering IV drips to people for general, and perhaps self-induced, hydration needs.

Depending on what a client wants, the IV cocktails can contain anything from electrolytes to nausea medication to vitamins. Newman says you can feel the hydration start to work in minutes.

“The difference between when they walk in the door and when they walk out 30 to 40 minutes later is significant,” she said.

Iowa IV is staffed by registered nurses and paramedics. Their New Year’s resolution is to become more active and be looked at as a mainstream treatment option.

“We want to be at the Drake Relays and at RAGBRI and athletic events and concerts. We not only want to grow here but also new services including lab services,” said Newman

Newman says they expected to treat upwards of 30 patients on New Year’s Day.

The cost of the services ranges from $49 to $189.

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