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Local alderman says new juvenile assessment center may be another level of ‘bureaucracy’

DAVENPORT, Iowa- Quad City leaders are looking at ways to fix the rise of car thefts, and fourth ward alderman Ray Ambrose said the problem may be with the states.

Ambrose said judges in Iowa and the state supreme court aren't holding criminals accountable enough for what they're doing. He said cities continue to throw money at the issue of crime, but he says it's not getting any better. The crime is getting worse, he said.

"People have got to go back 50 years and look at how successful the court system and the penal system was in the state of Iowa," Ambrose said. "That's where we should start. We shouldn't try to redo the wheel."

Davenport Mayor Frank Klipsch brought up the idea of a new juvenile assessment center in Davenport just last month. Ambrose said the building could be a waste of taxpayer dollars.

"Redo the wheel, build another bureaucracy to deal with a minimal amount of juvenile criminals. I think that's the wrong way to go."

Ambrose's term ends this year, but he says he plans on running again.