I-74 ramp closures will affect River Drive traffic in Moline

MOLINE, Illinois -- As the new I-74 bridge progresses, traffic on River Drive will see changes as construction crews close the on and off-ramps over the next few months.

The I-74 off-ramp to River Drive as commuters head into Illinois will be completely closed on Tuesday, Jan. 8. It is set to reopen on March 5.

Illinois Department of Transportation recommends drivers wishing to access River Drive to the east take the 7th Avenue exit and turn left. Drivers can turn left on 23rd Street to access River Drive from there. Those wanting to head west can turn right on the 7th Avenue exit and use several streets through downtown to get to River Drive.

The I-74 on-ramp from River Drive will also experience closures. Daily work from 8:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. will close the ramp during this time from Jan. 8 through Jan. 23. The ramp will be open outside of this time frame. Signs near the ramp will indicate the status of the ramp.

Drivers who are getting onto the bridge and heading into Iowa from downtown Moline can use the 7th Street on-ramp.

These closures are happening as construction crews are building support piers and laying steel girders for the new bridge, which is set to finish in 2021.

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