What Illinois State Police are offering drunk drivers on New Year’s Eve

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Ahead of New Year's Eve patrol, the Illinois State Police made a sarcastic Facebook post highlighting the "New Year's Eve Special" that people caught driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol would be offered.

The "special" includes a free ride and a room, according to their post.

Here's what police say comes with each room:

  • 6x9 feet of space, and stark white or gray cinder-block walls
  • See-through door
  • Bed or floor, a wool blanket, and a toilet or sink
  • "Numerous, unwanted roommates"

Illinois State Police Facebook post

Police go on to describe what happens upon arrival.

"If you check in to your room before the kitchen closes, you may receive a bologna sandwich and a bag of Doritos," read the post.  As far as the arrestee's vehicle, police said it will be parked in the impound tow lot.

"You will not need to provide identification upon check-in, however, a free photograph will be snapped and fingerprints will be taken," the post said.

Lastly, police warn of a "long restless night," filled with regrets of getting behind the wheel intoxicated.

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