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90-year-old Moline woman publishes first book with the help of her son

MOLINE, Illinois – Turning 90 years old is a milestone itself. But now, Mable Harvey is taking that milestone even further – by publishing her first book called “A Dollar More”.

Every story leads to another, but this story begins with Harvey.  Who has lived in the same house with her 92-year-old husband for 60 years. And at 90 years old she decided to accomplish her goal of becoming an author.

“Well the book is mostly about my brothers,” says Harvey. “I had six brothers and each one has a chapter in the book.”

She published the book about two months ago with the help of her son, Brad Harvey.

“A lot of the younger generation, they don’t know about the older generation,” Harvey comments.

She also claims they don’t know about what life was like back during the great depression. Her new book shows what life was like back in the 1930's.

“Everybody was trying to make a little more money,” Harvey remembers. “We thought instead of just talking about it we should write some of this stuff down.”

Mable and Brad, living in Tennessee, wrote the book through snail mail using the United States Postal Service.  While Mable and Brad worked on the book, Mable’s 92-year-old husband, Robert Harvey, was right at her side.

“She has an excellent memory for dates and what happened many years ago and even what happened yesterday,” Robert says. “That’s what I have trouble with.”

Mable and Robert have been married for 70 years and met in small town Thompsonville, Illinois.

Now at age 90 and 92, they have their own chapter to tell.

Proving age is just a number.

“I never thought about being 90,” Mable comments.

Mable’s first publication was 175 books.  She says anyone can read it, and even if you don’t there are plenty of pictures.

The book is available for purchase through Amazon

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