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Iowa mom gets to hear late son’s heart beat again in donor recipient from Ohio

DAVENPORT, Iowa – Almost a year ago Lisa Bragg’s son, Markus, passed away from a heroin overdose at 27 years old.  After he passed away she made the decision to donate her son’s organs – including his heart.

Markus’ heart was given to Kenneth Vogelsong, an Ohio father of four.  He was close to death after his heart enlarged and was unable to pump blood to other organs efficiently.

Bragg said anyone would want a heart like the one her son had.

“He was always helping somebody,” comments Bragg. “He had a heart of gold.”

Bragg now has the opportunity of a lifetime – to hear her son’s heart beat once again in another man who she’s never met before.

“As time gets closer my nerves are getting more rattled,” says Braggs as she walks into the building where Vogelsong is waiting. “It’s nice to actually put a face to who I am talking to.”

Now, almost a year after the transplant, Vogelsong is thriving.  As for Bragg, she gets the chance to hear a sound she’s known before her son was even born.

“I’m glad that my son will be able to help him be able to walk his girls down the aisle when they get married, graduate college,” mentions Bragg. “I’m very grateful you know that my son could be a part of that.”

A part of another life that can now live on, thanks to Markus’ heart of gold.

Markus was also able to donate his organs to five others across the country including his lungs, kidneys, and pancreas.

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