2 QC Brothers join together to open a recording studio

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EAST MOLINE, Illinois -- A new recording studio is days away from opening in the Quad Cities.

"There`s not many ways you can capture a moment in time like you can with music," said Tayvian Johnson. Tayvian and his brother Avery have a dream of sharing their music with the world.

Now that dream is one step closer to becoming a reality.

The duo proudly called the East$iders are now opening a recording studio, East$ide Sounds in the heart of East Moline.

Both brothers faced several hurdles finding studios to create in, so they founded their own.

"Really what we wanted to do was just make a home for a lot of artists, who are doing a lot of different things but a place that they can come into and create whatever art they want to create and truly feel like they're at home essentially," said Avery Pearl.

Now they are presented with a new obstacle. One they are facing head-on.

"People think they start a business and the money just comes and keeps coming and that`s not how it goes you are going to hit rough times," said Tayvian.

They're hoping their new business can help other people through tough times by giving them a platform to create music.

Whether it's rap or country, it's all about making music.

"It doesn't matter to me what you are creating I'm more conscious that you have the ability to do so because of what I've done that's the part I care about," said Tayvian.

"Instead of one artist trying to conquer the whole Quad Cities we have a network of music," said Avery.

Supporting local talent with quality work, they are hoping to make Eastside Sound a Quad City staple.

Their recording studio officially opens on Tuesday, January 1.

Prices depend on what you want to do but the focus is to make it more possible for a rising artist to succeed.

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