Best Bakers in the QCA Show Off Gingerbread House Skills on GMQC

We needed to bring in some reinforcements this year.

It's really, really hard to build a gingerbread house. We found that out last year, but for some reason - we decided to try building them again this year for the FINALE of Holly Jolly Week on Friday, December 21 on Good Morning Quad Cities:

It seemed to start well. We were all in good moods (because it's FRIYAY, of course) and our Producers provided us with all the right supplies:

We thought we were really smart when we found out this special ingredient was stickier (more like glue) than regular icing:

About an hour in though, things started to go downhill:

And unfortunately for Jon, he (and we) lost all hope:

So, instead of fighting with our houses for another hour, we brought in the pros! Tiphanie Cannon from Oh So Sweet by Tiphanie, Katie Turner from My Girl's Cake Shop, and Kaitlyn Giebelstein from The Cupcakery moved into our kitchen and showed us what a REAL (not graham cracker!) gingerbread house is supposed to look like and how to keep it standing! Click the video at the very top of the page to hear about their businesses and to see their masterpieces.

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