Lawsuit meant to prevent demolition of Rock Island County Courthouse is dismissed

ROCK ISLAND, Illinois -- A lawsuit aimed at preventing the demolition of the Rock Island County Courthouse has been dismissed.

The man who filed the lawsuit, Italo Milani, said Judge James Conway dismissed the lawsuit on Tuesday, December 18.  Milani said he wanted to put a stop to the demolition because it's an illegal use of funds, and that's why he filed the lawsuit.

Click here to read the full lawsuit filing

The reason Judge Conway gave for dismissing the suit was that Milani, as a citizen, does not have the right to sue any government body or agency.   Milani said in order to sue, he would have to own a piece of the building.

"Right from the start they never took (the lawsuit) seriously," said Milani. He filed the lawsuit in October.

"I approached this and tried to keep it as simple as possible," he said.  He had an arrangement with the court to meet again on Thursday, December 20, but that meeting was cancelled once Judge Conway issued his decision.

Milani said he was trying to get ahold of a bond holder who might be interested in filing a lawsuit.

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