YOUR HEALTH: A new device uses digitized brain activity to reduce stress

REDWOOD, California – We've all felt it: life gets out of control and we get stuck in a cycle of stress and all the negative symptoms come with it.

Cereset is helping people "reset" their brain's balance using only sound feedback.

Jodi Whittemore's could hear her own brain frequencies being echoed back to her after being amplified and digitized into musical tones with these devices.

Cereset's client services director, and certified medical assistant Sonya Crittenden compares the effect to tuning a piano.

"They listen to that and their brain is able to perceive its own activity and use that information to balance itself or recalibrate it," she said.

Jodi says it got her back on track after some stressful years with her family.

Her daughter Chloe's five concussions caused anxiety, sadness, and problems focusing that stressed the whole family.

"I couldn't sleep well, I didn't feel well," said Jodi.   "I wasn't motivated. I wasn't productive."

These leads give technicians a lot of information about imbalances in the brain.

Sonya says the brain recognizes imbalances and corrects them.

"They've usually tried everything by the time they get to us," said Crittenden.

NEW TECHNOLOGY:  Cereset is a wellness company that has created technology to help the brain relax so people can recover from the detrimental effects of stress such as sleeplessness, depressed mood, or low energy.   The device captures the patient's brain activity, translates that into musical tone, and sends it back to the brain.  The patient's brain is then able to listen to it, perceive its own activity, and use that information to balance itself; thereby effectively relieving the patient's stress levels.  It can be used for anyone in any situation, and the patient can go into the office to receive treatment or purchase a kit to use in his or her own home.  Most clients initially do four sessions in the office and then use the system at home for three weeks following.  Finally, clients come back for one last integrated office session where they are assessed and a plan is built for them to use the device and manage their stress levels from home.

The program is four in-office sessions of about 45-minutes experiencing the brain echoing process, then daily maintenance with this home unit.

Two Chicago locations are to open in 2019 (in Bloomingdale and in Naperville).  Find others by clicking here.

Jodi noticed changes three weeks to the day after her sessions.

"Started setting new goals, and you know, started exercising again, taking care of myself better, just had a whole new hopeful outlook."

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