16 teen moms from Davenport get a Christmas shopping spree, thanks to Motherhood Matters

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DAVENPORT, Iowa — Motherhood Matters QC owners, Sara Rausch and Susan Mcloone will give 16 teen moms who go to Mid City High School in Davenport Christmas presents on Friday, after going shopping with more than $800 raised from the community.

Several months ago, Rausch and Mcloone got involved with supporting girls at Mid City High School. They teach wellness classes there weekly. It's a passion project for the two women.

"Just kind of trying to be, sort of an example, because Susan and I were both teen moms," Rausch, co-owner of Motherhood Matters QC said. "There's not enough support when, not-ideal situations happen."

Rausch became a mom at the age of 15. Susan was 17 when she got pregnant and married.

Now it's their mission to help women and moms in all stages of life.

This Christmas, that mission is especially focused on the 16 teen moms, girls who Rausch and Mcloone agree have a difficult road ahead and who, most importantly, need a good support system to lead them to a bright future.

"Just that someone is on their team, and they don’t owe us anything for it. We just want to like make their lives better and see them do good things," Rausch, who is now a chiropractor and BirthFit Regional Director said. 

Carrying detailed shopping lists through the aisles of Walmart in Davenport on Thursday, December 13, Rausch and Mcloone shopped for clothes, homegoods and personal items. The girls filled out sheets with gift ideas, many, asking for items for their baby, but Sara and Susan wanted to be sure to focus on the moms for this project. Though they say their hearts are with the babies, it's important to help the moms.

"A lot of times, focus goes to baby, and then they don’t get things, or they feel they might get overlooked and people might think, well that’s what you get for having a baby so young, but they’re still kids," Mccloone, co-owner of Motherhood Matters QC said.

Mcloone and Rausch teach yoga and breathing classes at Mid City High School every Tuesday to be there to support the girls as well as give them tools to handle life's curve balls.

"Staying stuck in that place of shame, it doesn't serve you, or your family, or anyone else involved, anything," Mcloone said.

She still remembers that "oh my gosh what have I done" feeling, but Mcloon says that being a teen and pregnant, doesn't have to "define" anyone's being.

Upon arrival to the Walmart on Elmore, Rausch and Mcloone were given a $50 giftcard from Walmart to go towards their shopping.

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