Turkey trouble – bird chases child down busy street

GREEN BAY, Wisconsin — A video taken on a cellphone on Dec. 10 shows a kid running down a busy street away from a turkey in hot pursuit.

The child, weighed down by a backpack and heavy winter clothes, barely stays in front of the angry fowl as they barrel down the bike lane. At one point, a driver intervenes, cutting in between the kid and the bird.

“My first concern was that I didn’t want to see the kid run out in the road trying to get away from this and get hit by car,” Vanessa¬†Miramontes, the driver, told WBAY.

She said the turkey stared her down for a while before strutting around the side of her van and again speeding off after the child, who hadn’t stopped running.

A turkey dubbed a “threat to public safety”

Other cities around the U.S. have experienced similar poultry problems, according to WBAY.

In¬†Ashwaubenon, Wisconsin, a turkey was named “Smoke” by residents after numerous sightings. The turkey stayed in the neighborhood when people started feeding it, but became a problem when it started blocking traffic. The police got involved, calling the bird a “threat to public safety.”

It’s unclear if the two turkeys are related.