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Watch: Inflatable Santa in Moline Christmas display is taller than the house

MOLINE, Illinois -- For nearly a decade, Moline resident Scott Hildebrand has been putting up an elaborate Christmas display.

It's called "Henry's Christmas Yard," named after his dog.

Each year the showcase gets larger and larger with more additions, unveiling 145 decorations for the 2018 season.  The decorations are arranged around the yard in pockets of themes: dogs, super heroes, angels, movies, and more.  But the most eye-catching decoration is one you can easily see over the rooftops, a 32.9-foot-tall Santa Claus.

Hildebrand decided to add the giant Santa five years ago.  The decoration is about 3.5 feet taller than his house.  St. Nick has six 40-pound sandbags in each foot and is stabilized by six stakes that are driven 18 inches into the ground.  The Santa is only up when weather allows for it, which means winds can only be up to about 13 mph.

Over the years the display has gotten so popular that Hildebrand estimates thousands of people visit each year.   For two years Hildebrand has had a food-drive box set up for guests to donate food.  The collection benefits the Tabernacle Baptist Church, across the street from his home.  Each year the collection has brought in about 2,200 canned goods.

Hildebrand said it costs about $12 per day to keep the display running, but said "when you see the enjoyment, it's worth it."

The yard is located at the corner of 15th Street and 26th Avenue in Moline.  The decorations are up 24/7, and lights go on at 5 p.m.  The big Santa is up from 5 p.m. until 10 p.m., weather permitting.

Click here to learn more about Henry's Christmas Yard.

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