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Morrison woman giving a kidney to save her brother’s life

MORRISON, Illinois-- Seven kids, two parents and one strong understanding of the word 'family', that's how it always has been for the Proud family.

"I think it's just in our blood," says brother Greg Proud.

Greg is the jokester, Chris is the baby sister.

This older brother's definition of 'younger sister' is changing, though.

"A really caring, amazing especially the stuff she does for me. I can't imagine someone giving an organ away," says Greg.

She's not just little Chrissy anymore, she's Greg's life saver.

"I'm just grateful to help," says Chris.

Greg has lived with diabetes for more than half his life. The diabetes is now causing kidney failure. For the past 15 months, Greg has been going through dialysis four hours a day, three times a week. And he's never without Chris.

"After going to his first appointments I went with him, that's when my mind started thinking of donating, seeing everything up front of what actually goes on with all of this," says Chris.

To Chris, family means helping at all costs, so the decision to donate her kidney to her brother was simple.

"I'm just ready to go. I'm good to go. I could go today, I'm ready. We wanted to go six months ago," says Chris.

She has two healthy kidneys and one to spare.

"A very goods Christmas gift. Yep, I'll never get a better one," says Greg.

Now siblings mean two people who will always be there for each other.

Chris and Greg will undergo surgery on Monday, December 15, 2018. They both should be back home by Christmas.

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