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Concerns rise after three Davenport Civil Rights Commissioners are not reappointed

DAVENPORT, Iowa-- On Tuesday, December 11, three members of the Davenport Civil Rights Commission met for the last time. Last week, Mayor Frank Klipsch announced three replacements.

"Hopefully we can be reappointed to the commission but time will tell," said Susan Greenbalt. Greenbalt is one of the commissioners being replaced. She has been on the Commission since 2015.

"I was disappointed and I know the other two commissioners have been disappointed to that they weren't reappointed," said Greenbalt. Helen Roberson and Clyde Mayfield are also being replaced. Their terms set to expire this month. Mayor Klipsch had the option to reappoint all three, but chose not to.

"I could understand maybe not reappointing one person possibly to get some new blood in but all three, no," said Greenbalt.

Earlier this year, Greenbalt and Roberson both spoke out against plans to make changes to the commission. The Director of the Civil Rights Commission, Latrice Lacey, believes that's the reason the commissioners are being replaced.

"I think what we've seen is people that have spoken out are removed from Commission here routinely in the city," said Lacey.

For Greenbalt, she doesn't know what she will do next. But she knows she will continue to have a voice in the community.

The new commission members have to go in front of City Council before they are voted in.

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