Davenport Schools look to renew and increase levy in special election vote

DAVENPORT, Iowa- Davenport School District is in the midst of a financial crisis. Tomorrow voters will decide the future of a fund that's been in place for more than 20 years in a special election.

These kids at Wood Intermediate are enjoying a game of kickball on their brand new gym floors. The floor was redone using money from the Physical Plant and Equipment Levy or the PPEL.

PPEL funds come from taxpayer dollars fixing gym floors like the one at Wood,  maintaining asphalt and concrete and keeping up with the brick around some of the older schools.

“Just keeping a district our size, the facilities in good repair is a large undertaking and it's one that we take very seriously,” said Dawn Saul. Saul says the levy allows the district to keep more money for other uses.

“Without PPEL we would have to push a couple more things back into the general fund,” said Saul.

The general fund in Davenport is already seeing a 13-million dollar cut over the next two years.

“Salaries, benefits and instructor materials and that's about 85 percent of our expenditures and that is the fund we are always reducing,” said Saul.

For PPEL, the levy is only .97 but if the renewal passes, the rate will go up to $1.34.

“This particular levy directly impacts our students in the classrooms and the quality of the educational experience, the quality of the environment that they have,” said Saul.

The use of the money may not be glamorous. For these kids they get to enjoy a safe, new, gym floor. For the first time ever, their school symbol covers center court

Bettendorf School District and Pleasant Valley School District already have a levy rate of $1.34.

If the PPEL passes in Davenport, it will be in place for the next ten years.

Click here to see the ballot for the Bettendorf Community School District.

Click here to see the ballot for the Davenport Community School District. 

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