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New LED studio lights give WQAD viewers a new view from home

MOLINE-- Over the past few weeks, WQAD has been broadcasting news from the newsroom. And Sunday was the first day back in the studio after major upgrades.

Crews started working just before Thanksgiving, and now the studio has all new LED lights hooked to a new ceiling grid.

The previous lights were like lamps people have at home. They were 750 watt bulbs that needed to be changed every 1,000 hours, and they would get very hot.

The new lights are lighter, cooler, and much more efficient. They only have to be changed every 50,000 hours, that's about once every 20 years.

WQAD's Production Manager Tom Maloney says the new lights mark the beginning of a new era of state of the art television.

Tune in to News 8 to see if you notice a difference!