The oldest type of alcohol is new in the Quad Cities

DAVENPORT, Iowa  --  Bootleg Hill Honey Meads in downtown Davenport is the first Quad Cities meadery. Mead is gluten free alcohol made from honey.

"It`s the oldest form of alcohol and is made with honey," owner Rick Harris said. "You can think of it like a wine, but made with honey instead of grapes."

On Saturday, December 8, 2018, Bootleg Hill Honey Meads hosted a grand opening that brought in hundreds of people.

"It`s kind of like a mix between beer and liquor," attendee Ricci Swiderek said. "It`s not as heavy as beer. It's really smooth, but you can tell it has got some alcohol in it."

"It totally effects you differently than a beer," Harris said. "It`s different than beer, so you shouldn't get the two confused. Mead is very unique."

The meadery offers 13 different flavors of meads on tap. They are also made in house. Customers can taste the local mead by the glass, order a flight, or take home a bottle. Bootleg Hill meads have been sold wholesale since 2013, but the taproom is the first storefront.

"It's just a unique experience," said Harris.

Bootleg Hill Honey Meads is open weekdays noon to 9 p.m. It is also open weekends noon to 11 p.m.

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