Hot tech item this holiday season helps catch “porch pirates” in the act

DAVENPORT, Iowa -- Local police departments are warning that cases of theft rise every year around the holidays, when "porch pirates" steal unattended packages delivered to your doorstep.

Surveillance cameras have become a hot item this holiday season, according to Davenport Best Buy manager Jason Thomas. In particular, the brand Ring includes an app, called "Neighbors," that works like a neighborhood watch.

"If you notice something or someone suspicious comes up to you're door, you're able to put that video feed out to your neighbors to make them aware as well," Thomas said.

Kelcy Hanson installed her new Ring doorbell about three weeks ago. While she doesn't have a lot of neighbors on the app in her area yet, she likes being able to pull up the live video feed from her driveway at any time.

"It's just that added sense of security that you know who's around the house," she said. "I feel safer, my kids feel safer," she said.

You don't need to buy the product to download the app and get alerts about suspicious activity in your neighborhood.

If a "porch pirate" loots the packages from your front step, a video of the act can make powerful evidence. However, police still say that the best way to make sure your packages are safe is to make sure you are at home when they arrive or have them sent to someone you trust instead.


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