Historic door knobs go missing from old Rock Island County Courthouse

ROCK ISLAND— Just days before it’s set to close for good, there’s a mystery inside the old Rock Island County Courthouse that needs solving.

According to employees, for the past month and a half, the historic bronze door knobs with “RIC” engraved in them are disappearing throughout the building.

Rock Island County officials tell News 8 this is not something maintenance is doing. They say there was a memo sent out to county employees urging them to not take the knobs, but they are still going missing.

If you walk inside, you’ll barely be able to spot even one “RIC” bronze knob. Some knobs have been replaced with spares, while other doors simply have holes in them.

Employees say they don’t believe it’s a malicious act. But some aren’t happy. They suspect people from within the courthouse are pilfering them and saving them as keepsakes.

The decision to demolish the courthouse was a protested one. The building will close after work hours on Friday, December 7, 2018.

There is still no exact date set for demolition.

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