Condor & Jaybird playing at the Rock Island venue that almost wasn’t

ROCK ISLAND, Illinois -- A condensed version of QC band "Condor & Jaybird" showcased their unique genre at the Rock Island Supper Club in mid-November 2018.

Typically a crew of four band members, Condor & Jaybird describes their music as high energy, psychedelic rock; a mix of new, prague, and psych.

"Condor & Jaybird is a super hot band from the QC right now," said Supper Club board member Wayne Lyter.  He said The Supper Club typically hosts bands at no cost.

He went on to explain what hoops the Supper Club had to jump through to open.  Board members worked with the City of Rock Island to get their building ready for hosting shows.  He said at the last minute they got clearance from the insurance, architect, contractor and city to open up.

"That was probably our hardest but biggest success story, just getting getting off the ground," Lyter said.

Lyter said The Supper Club is focused on the performers and letting the Quad Cities easily see new, local music.

"It's a really solid music scene, like a bunch of creative people that are in it for the right reasons," said a Condor & Jaybird member.