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New technology helping track illnesses in elementary schools

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SILVIS, Illinois  --   New technology is helping parents and nurses track what illnesses are spreading around schools.

Bowlesburg Elementary in Silvis is part of a national health program that is aimed towards keeping kids healthy using smart thermometers. The thermometer records data that links up to an app. The app shares the data with the school nurse and parents.

"Seeing what is really going on gives me a more true picture of what's going on in the school," Bowlesburg Elementary School parent Lylah Lagerstam said.

"It's important for both me as the school nurse and for parents to have a clue as to what's going around the school," school nurse Sue Ickes said.

It records temperatures, symptoms, and offers treatment options. It also sorts the data by grade level to help isolate outbreaks.

"The big deal will be to hopefully minimize the effects of influenza," Ickes said.

The school won over $2,000 worth of thermometers. They were able to give over 100 parents free smart thermometers. The thermometers retail around $20 each. Bowlesburg Elementary is the only school in the Quad Cities with them. There are only nine schools in Illinois, but 500 schools around the United States, in the program. Bowlesburg Elementary won the free thermometers out of 10,000 applicants.

"Maybe we will encourage other schools to apply next year," Lagerstam said.

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