Local residents say uncleared sidewalks in Moline are a safety concern

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MOLINE, Illinois -- Local residents say uncleared sidewalks in Moline are forcing kids to walk in the street.

The journey to school is a tough one for students walking to Wilson Middle School in Moline.

Since last weekend's storm, many of the sidewalks along 12th Street are untouched - only a trail of footprints through the snow.

Nicole Tripp and her husband often drive their daughter to school everyday. She said that she often sees nearly 10 kids walking in the street to avoid trudging in snow.

"None of them had snow boots on which is a really big concern," Tripp said. "They're going to school and they're going to sit for eight hours in wet shoes of course. Otherwise they're forced to walk in the road with no protection there either!"

In the city of Moline, the snow ordinances are clear. The Community Improvement Officer, Brad Hauman, said property owners have 12 hours after snowfall to clear the sidewalk. If not, the city will send out a letter to property owners as a warning.

"If cars are going too fast, they see a kid running across the road, are they going slow enough to be able to stop," Tripp said. "Or if the kid falls, are they able to stop?"

Hauman said the letter is only the first step. If a property owner does not comply, they will need to have a hearing with the Municipal Code Enforcement System Hearing Officer.

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