How clearing snow from fire hydrants can save lives

DAVENPORT, Iowa — Your driveway and sidewalks aren’t the only things that should be shoveled. An Iowa company says going the extra mile to clear a fire hydrant of snow could save lives.

Tall piles of snow and ice sit on the sides of the road after a blizzard rolled through the Midwest on Nov. 25, 2018. These banks can cover or hide fire hydrants, and Iowa American Water said this can cause problems.

Clearing fire hydrants of snow can help firefighters, the company said in a statement. In the event of an emergency, firefighters need to access water quickly. This valuable time could be lost if responders cannot immediately locate a hydrant.

The company is asking everyone with a fire hydrant on or near their property to take a few extra minutes to clear the snow away. The hydrant should be easily visible from the street.

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